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Welcome to More Information About Where I Come From!!

I am a proud citizen of the great nation India , land of music, life, diversity, and the mystery land of snake charmers and elephants!! It is the land where the great Indus Valley Civilization blossomed and gave the ancient langauage Sanskrit & wealthy literature of Vedas to the world.

I was born in India (Yamuna Nagar). I am "what difference does it make?" years of age , a cancerian. For the most part of my life uptil now, I have lived in the northern part of india. Specifically in Yamuna Nagar, Allahabad and New Delhi, the capital of India. My father retired as a lecturer in Hindi from a semi-government college in Yamuna nagar and my mother is a homemaker. Yamuna Nagar is a small town and so you can keep in touch with a lot of people without investing too much time. It is not as impersonal as big cities like delhi or mumbai.I had all my school education there. I still miss those mischevious days at M.L.N. school & M.L.N. college and great friends Rishi, Ritesh & Ritesh, Ajay, Manu, Sumit, Manit, Lamba and Manish .

After school, I started my undergraduate studies (Bachelor of Engg.) in Computer Science from Regional Engineering College( MNREC ), Allahabad in India. Making a decision of which college to join and which branch to major in was the hard part and my eldest brother-in-law (who has turned my mentor over the years) and my father helped a lot in that. I still vividly remember that stormy night when we reached Allahabad and the terror of being ragged by the seniors. I had my share of good and bad time at college and made some lifelong friends Ankur, Saini, Vivek, Misra, Shantu, Kamal, Saurabh, Tripps, Nitin, Chikli, Seedi, VC, Gagan, Ajju and others. I can never forget the MNR landmarks Avtaar, Mangru, Pappu, Civil Lines ...... and the list goes on.

Once I graduated, it was time to come out of the shell and enter the professional world. Thus I joined the largest consultancy company in India TCS. My first assignment was at Mumbai (then Bombay). Boy, that was some experience. I did not know any body in mumbai and I got off at dadar platform with a suitcase in hand, a couple of thousand bucks in pocket and seven days reservation at a guest house (thanks to my uncle's resources). The day I had to report, I reached office in my best attire, only to know that office was closed on occasion of Rakshabandhan and my group had already joined the previous weekend, while I was killing time in the guesthouse counting cobwebs on the ceiling. (Thanks to the great postal department of india, I never got the intimation). Well, the next day I joined TCS and went through the mandatory 3 months of training and in retrospection that was the best time I had at TCS. I made very good friends there Sunil, Rajesh, Chandan, Gaurav, Shashank and others. We used to have endless cups of coffee having dumb charades sessions in the canteen watching pretty BNR girls (Only those who were at borivali training center can appreciate this) and discussing horror stories of MATC(manpower allocation and training commetee).

Then I got allocated to my first project. That was the foundation of my professional career and I learnt a lot during that project. I think Ketan Desai (a peer) was the reason, of that. Because he was always finding something new to do and to cope up with him, in good spirits of competition, I spent many a nights at the Nariman point office figuring out, how oracle worked the way it worked (or didn't work sometimes). After that I took a transfer to Delhi and started on another project for a nationalised bank. I had real fun time during that project. We had a real gang. I met some real cool people Vinish, Anil, Rao, Suchi and Abhay on that project. We used to work on client site. Though the office was not pretty but the best things were Paneer pakoras & Cheese sandwitches of PNB canteen and we had tons of those.

After that project I took off from india and landed here, the land of freedom and opportunity.

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