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My Interests and Pastimes

I am a man of many interests but few talents. I like to do a lot of stuff, some of which is meaningful and other may be termed as just pure crap and waste of time by some. Following are the few things in which I invest most of my time left over after I am done working for my bread & butter.
I like to read various kinds of books. I keep on having these phases when I like particular author or particular kind of books. Though now my reading has reduced a lot because of time sharing to tech reading. I like to read fiction, sci-fi, parapsychology and autobiographies. My favourite authors are Richard Bach, John Grisham, Jeff Archer, Douglas Adams, Robin Cook and Michael Crichton. I became a fan of Richard bach when I read "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". He definitely is the man to portray life and to motivate you. I like illusions, bridge across forever and running from safety a lot. I like John grisham's work for all his legal manouvers and jargon which to tell u the truth may come pretty handy sometime. Robin cook provides all these medical theories and scenarios which are really fascinating. Douglas adams writes the most hillarious science fiction that I have ever read. If you lay your hand on "The ultimate hitchiker's guide to galaxy" , that's a must read.

On TV I watch all the "crap" as well as Discovery, TLC, History and Travel channels. My faviourite programs in "crap" category are Sinfield, Friends, Cheers, Star Trek, JAG, X Files and Murphy Brown. I like to have a good laugh and that is obvious from my choice of programs. Sinfield is an all time hit sitcom. That is one serial which has episodes on all situations which canpossibly occur in anybody's life time. And I realy dig one liners of Cheers. Boy, whoever writes those things must be pretty smart. As I said above I like to travel and watching travel channel just increases my urge to go backpacking around the world. I was never an avid reader of history so may be I watch history channel to learn what I should have learnt in eight standard Ha!Ha!

I am a big fan of movies. I like to see Action, Suspense, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi movies. Basically all movies which make adrenalin rush in my body. Al pacino, Harrison ford, Sean connery and jack nicholoson are my faviourite. I don't have to name there master pieces to prove their worth for bollywood. In Hindi movies, I have favorites in three generations of heroes/heroines. Guru Dutt & Madhubala in Gen1, Amitabh in Gen2, Aamir, Shahrukh, Aish and Manya in Gen3. My favorite dialogue of all times "Tumahara naam kya hai Basanti?" You can find all the infomation about any movie in this Movie Database .

In Music my interest is limited to Hindi Music. I never ventured into English music arena. In hindi music I prefer to listen to old melodies from Rafi, Kishore, Lata . But thing with me is that most of the times I don't pay attention to the name of the singer and i just like the songs independent of singer/ composer/ movie etc. . I do like new songs but mostly only if they have either very good lyrics or very upbeat music.

I like traveling a lot too. My dream is to tour the world with a backpack and a good friend. I wish to see Stonehenge, Great Pyramids of Giza, Great Wall of china, The Colosseum, The leaning tower, The Eiffel tower, The Abu Simbel temple in egypt, Mahabalipuram temples, Lush medaows of switzerland, blue waters and awesome beaches of Mauritius ..... and the list goes on. I don't know whether I'l be able to fulfill my dream in this life time or not but that's my dream.

Other than these things Iike to hang out with friends, play cards, chess, walking on the sea side and talking aimlessely for long hours with close friends.

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