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(234 Escuela Ave. #34 Mountain View, CA 94040)

Tel: (650) 962-8393 E-mail:



Seeking a position as Database project manager, DBA Manager/Team Lead in a challenging environment, where I can provide value addition utilizing my expertise and problem solving & analytical skills



7+ years of experience with 24/7 Oracle database administration. Experience in designing and administering very large mission critical 24/7OLTP/ Data warehouse databases (>500GB in size and >100Million transactions). High expertise in database tuning, administration, migration and backup & recovery. Experience with Oracle Financials administration. I have in-depth knowledge of Relational Databases, analysis, design & development of databases for business applications, Partitioning, Parallel processing, Disaster Recovery and Replication. Good interpersonal skills, self-motivation and quick learning are my particular strengths



Relational Databases

Oracle RDBMS 7.x – 9.x


SQL *PLUS, SQL Loader, Server Manager, Enterprise Backup Utility (EBU), Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Quest Production Availability Suite (I/Watch, Space Manager, Spotlight on Oracle, SQLab Expert), BMC Patrol, SQL Navigator, Pl/sql Developer, Oracle Financials, SQL *Net 1.x - OracleNet, Browser, Oracle supplied database packages, Procedure Builder, Oracle Terminal, Developer /2000 2.1 (Forms 5.0, Reports 3.0), Developer /2000 1.x (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5), ADSM/ TSM, ERWIN, Schema Manager, Legato Storage manager, Veritas Netbackup, Veritas Cluster Server, Veritas Database Edition, Veritas Volume Manager

Programming Languages

PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripting, JAVA, C, C++, PRO *C, Windows SDK,

Operating Systems

Sun Solaris 6-8, Digital Unix 4.0x, 3.2, HP UX 11.0, Windows NT

System Analysis, Design and Development

Requirement Analysis, Process Modeling, Data Modeling, System Design, Development, Client Server Architecture, Testing



Lead DBA

Aug’01 – Present


Ventro Corporation

DBA Manager

Aug’00 – Aug’01


Apple Computers

DBA Team Lead

Mar’00 – Aug’00

(Rapidigm Inc.)

DirecTv Inc.

Senior Database Administrator

Aug’98 – Feb’00

(Rapidigm Inc.)

DirecTv Inc.

Analyst/Programmer & DBA

Oct’97 – Aug’98

(Rapidigm Inc.)

Tata Consultancy Services

Analyst/Programmer & DBA

Aug’95 – Oct’97




·         Oracle Certified DBA for Oracle9i & Oracle8i

·         Certificate of achievement Business Management I

·         New Features for DBA’s in Oracle9i Training (5 days)

·         Oracle8 Network Administration Training (2days)

·         Oracle8 Backup & Recovery workshop Training (5 days)

·         Oracle Certification for Developer/2000

·         Certificate Course in Advanced Java Programming (10 days)

·         Bachelor of Engineering, Honors (Computer Science) from Allahabad University, Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College Allahabad, India



DBA Mentoring, Management & Project Management

·         Mentored teams of 5 –7 DBA’s/ Database developers, performing Resource allocation & Management in several positions

·         Lead & Implemented many DB projects with great detail, on time and under budget. Few examples are Oracle9i Migration, Disaster Recovery implementation, DB Security, Catalog & OMS application tuning, Performance tuning of all international DB’s etc.

·         Established database policy, standards and strategies

·         Investigation of new technologies and future system requirements


High Availability & Disaster Recovery

·         Provided true 24x7 operational support for Oracle instances running on SUN Enterprise (10000,6500,4500), HP (G/H/K Class) and IBM RS/6000 servers. These were true mission critical databases for Wal-Mart, Apple, DirecTV & Ventro having serious financial implications for even the smallest downtime

·         Troubleshooting the problems/issues at production database

·         Tested, configured, and deployed high availability solutions utilizing:

o        System management tools -- Quest Availability Suite, BMC Patrol, Oracle Intelligent Agent, Data Gatherer and Enterprise Manager (OEM)

o        Multi-node fail-over clusters utilizing Veritas Cluster Server and Veritas Database Edition

o        Proactive monitoring and tuning of database instances

o        Enterprise backup solutions utilizing Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) in conjunction with Legato Networker, Veritas NetBackup, IBM ADSM and HP OmniBack media management software

·         Designed and implemented disaster recovery site for Implemented 8 Oracle Hot Stand-by Databases using oracle9i Dataguard to replicate 400 GB/ day of redolog over a distance of 2000 miles with high latency due to lack of dedicated link

·         Evaluated backup and recovery needs and strategies. Performed online as well as offline backups. Used utilities such as export, import, recovery manager and Sqlldr. Integrated logical and physical backups

·         Performed complete recovery of production databases in several scenarios using various techniques including latest flash-back query


Performance Tuning & Enterprise Monitoring

·         Performed extensive database and application/sql tuning. For example on one occasion increased order-processing capacity by 700% and on another occasion reduced logical reads done by database from 35 TB/day to 6 TB/day. Many times increased efficiency of specific functions by more than 1000%

·         Tuned and optimized databases  (Initialization parameters, Latches, Waits, Locks, Memory/ disk reads), SQL code tuning with utilities such as Explain Plan, TK*Prof etc

·         Evaluate, recommend, configure and implement enterprise-monitoring software. Implemented Quest Software database management suite of products: these include I/Watch, Space Manager, Instance Monitor, and SQLab Xpert, Oracle Enterprise Manager, BMC Patrol Application Management tools etc.


Security, Administration and Migration

·         Performed enterprise-wide database security implementation and enforced many checks & balances to improve auditing, security and password protection

·         Performed capacity planning, space/growth management and forecasting to ensure smooth operation

·         Installed/upgraded/patched oracle software and databases

·         Planned, tested and successfully performed oracle8i to oracle9i, oracle8 to oracle8i and oracle7 to oracle8 migration with minimum downtime

·         Various database administration activities such as the creation of database, oracle users, roles, privileges, Tablespaces, Rollback Segments, Redo Logs, database objects and maintenance of the same, Database Replication/ Refreshing, PL/SQL Store Procedure, Triggers, Shell Script etc.

·         Developed database monitoring scripts (fragmentation of tables, tablespaces, extents, segments, alert and trace files etc.) using shell scripts

·         Administered VLDB’s with special attention and partition & parallel processing.


Modeling, Design & Development

·         Data modeling with Analyst/Programmers using ERWIN and Schema Manager

·         Analysis of user requirements, software specifications and dependencies between various modules

·         Planning and completing System testing

·         Design & Develop Forms and Reports

·         Unit and Integration testing of screens and reports

·         Coding of database procedures, triggers and Batch Programs. Expert in SQL and PL/SQL programming

·         Performance Tuning & Optimization


References are available on request

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