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Here are some of my Oracle related links ....

Oracle homepages Oracle Publications & Companies
LazyDBA Exploring Oracle / Home Page
Biju's Home Page Oracle Developer Online
JCC's ORACLE Home Page Miller Freeman Inc. Sites
Atkins Family Web Site Computerworld Home
Rhubarb's Oracle Tips text only homepage
DBA Mentor books online club
Mohinder Mahal on the WEB !! DBConnect Solutions, Inc.
Guy Harrison's Home Page RevealNet Products
Ari Kaplan's Oracle DBA Consultant and Baseball Page Ambassador Consulting - Quiz of the Month
Steve Rea's Oracle Tips, Tricks, and Scripts DeAngelis & Associates, Inc. - Home
Oracle Tips
Welcome to Konda Srinivas's Homepage !!
JL Comp Home Page
Useful ORACLE Utilities
Steve Bourgeois, Oracle Consultant
Oracle Resources
The Oracle Resource Stop
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle patches download
Oracle8 - Technical Information
ORACLE User Forum and Fan Club
VOUG - Victorian Oracle Users' Group
IOUG-A Online
ORACLE Technical Papers
Oracle Underground Frequently Asked Questions
Oracle FAQ: Oracle Database Administration
Oracle User Resource, Inc. The ultimate resource for Oracle knowledge transfer
Tool for Oracle Application Developers - SQL - TOAD

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